bobbing for apples

 Mrs Durnin (8B) and Mr Westra (8A) did a bobbing for apples activity on Halloween (october 31st), in the small gym. We did this because to collect data to make a math project by getting together and 7 people (from each class) would stick their head in water and start bobbing for apples.

9) Our class (8B) did a really good job, we won mostly won all of the duels.But sadly we tied duel 5 and 6, and for the time to get first apple we tied for 20-40 and 1.20- 1.40.

Our 7 people was brave to do this. They tried there best and  when the other class got in the way they told them to move their head.

Our class obviously  won. We passed all the duels except tied, but it’s not like we failed it.


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